The ultimate goal of Maranatha Baptist Mission is to establish solid, indigenous, New Testament churches wherever the Gospel is preached.  Our missionaries strive to achieve this goal through:

  • Personal witnessing
  • Services
  • Tract Distribution
  • Bible Clubs
  • Bible Studies
  • Bible Institutes
  • Printing Ministries

It is our undying belief and conviction that the seed of the Word of God, properly planted and watered, will produce an indigenous church anywhere in the world.

What Is An Indigenous Church?

An indigenous New Testament Baptist church is:

  • A local assembly of Scripturally baptized believers
  • A theocracy operating on democratic principles
  • Self-supporting
  • Self-governing
  • Self-propagating
  • Obedient to the Holy Scriptures
  • Guided and empowered by the Holy Spirit


The Local Church Principle

We believe that the support of the local church is the crucial element to effective mission work.  It is our policy to encourage and promote this local church principle by assisting churches in the vital task of worldwide missions by providing a channel through which local churches can provide direct support to worldwide mission efforts.  As a local church ministry, we strive to be good stewards of all that the Lord gives us.
We Are A Faith Mission
Maranatha does not pay a salary or allowance to any missionary, nor to any mission representative.  Each one trusts God to supply his or her need, not only for support, but for equipment and all other forms of expense.

Maranatha Baptist Mission takes nothing from the missionaries who are sent through the mission and operates on faith just as our missionaries do, without guaranteed income and supported entirely by contributions designated for use in the Mission itself.  Of the approximately 2000 churches and individuals who give regularly to the support of our missionaries and their work, only a small portion of these give regularly to the support of the Mission.  We are grateful for each of them.  Without them, this work could not go forward.

How can you help?

  • First, by praying for the missionaries!
  • Find out all you can about the missionary for whom you are praying.
  • Pray regularly.
  • Be specific in your prayer. Pray for the missionaries by name.
  • Try to anticipate the needs of the missionaries. These would include: spiritual needs; physical needs; emotional needs; family needs; and financial needs.
  • Be persistent and persevering in prayer.

Pray fervently for our Mission, the missionaries, their workers, the fields, and our staff at the Home Office. God will continue to bless Maranatha Baptist Mission, Inc., to the extent that Christians are faithful in the ministry of intercessory prayer. This, then, could be your greatest contribution. Remember the Words of our Lord when He said, ...ask, and ye shall receive.

Surrender to God's call and go to the field He indicates.

Have a Mission Conference in your church. Give financially that others may hear the Gospel through a missionary, or other ministries of our Mission.

May the Lord bless you as you serve Him.

Darren Vroman



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